Platte River Ranch Open Spaces

The District owns and maintains approximately 15.3 acres of open space land situated throughout the Platte River Ranch SFH neighborhood. In addition, the District is responsible for maintaining the City-owned land bordering both sides of Bromley Lane. (The City owns the land within approximately 10 feet of either side of the street curbs on Bromley Lane but requires the District to maintain the landscaping and sidewalk on this "right-of-way" land.)

 Map Legend
Green Open Spaces - Currently landscaped green belts

Orange Open Spaces - Unlandscaped "native" areas (intentionally not landscaped)

Yellow Open Spaces - Future planned landscaping / green belt areas

Storm Water Detention Ponds

Included in the open space areas are four storm water detention ponds that must be maintained by the District. The storm water detention ponds collect the storm water runoff from all streets within the Platte River Ranch SFH neighborhood.

Note: Although it is not marked orange, the large detention pond bordering the west side of the neighborhood is entirely owned and maintained by the District.