Bromley Lane Fence Replacement Project

  Phase 1 of the perimeter fence project was completed in June 2013. The project cost approximately $87,300 and was completed over the course of approximately 6 weeks.

Phase 2 of the perimeter fence project was completed in June 2014. The project cost approximately $86,400 and was completed in approximately 4 weeks.

Phase 3 (the last phase) of the fence replacement project was completed in the Spring of 2015. The four "interior" 5-foot tall fence lines were also replaced.  These fence lines are located in the following areas: (1) on the north side of Sandpiper Lane between Mallard Lane and Bluebird Street, (2) on the south side of Lark Lane between Bluebird Street and Goldeneye Lane, (3) at the southwest corner of Sandpiper Lane and Mockingbird Street and (4) at the southwest corner of the intersection of Mockingbird Street and Oriole Circle. All four fence lines were replaced at a cost of approximately $37,000.

Thank You Fence Consulting Services!

The Board would like to thank Fence Consulting Services (FCS) for assisting the Board in making this project become a reality.  The Board has consulted on this project with Tommy Street and Bernt Green at FCS over the past four years and appreciate the work they did managing all phases of this construction project.


 Phase 1 - "Before" Pictures 

 Phase 2 -- Replacing the East/South Side of Bromley Lane